User Groups

We will try to list our regular user groups on this page, along with contact details. Groups will only be listed if they regularly hold meetings and they agree to being listed here, hence this is not a complete list of bookings. Please contact user groups directly before attending.




  • Foster Carers Support Group; monthly
  • The Wednesday Club: 01923 225522; monthly
  • Yoga with Halina Rozensztrauch  07528 122 281;  weekly
  • C.O.D.A. 12 step group; weekly
  • Meditation and Buddhism Heruka Kadampa Meditation Centre 020 8455 7563: ;  weekly.
  • Watford Deaf Community: contact Andrew Coates:;  monthly/2nd Wednesday.



  • G.A. (anon) see Monday for details; weekly
  • Circle Dancing: Graham Everett; monthly


  • C3M Contemporary Creative Classical Music; every other month.                           Contact David Silver;
  • Watford Recorders: Meet regularly;                                                                                  Contact: Hilary Worsfold  email:
  • Family Constellation Workshops with Kim Goode               email: ;   Meet every few months.


  • Watford Unitarian Fellowship: The Secretary, Beryl Brooks 01494 725274:  monthly