(Mostly) After the Tin Hut

In our own words: a history of Watford Quaker Meeting.(Mostly) After the Tin Hut front cover

Mostly, everyone in Watford Meeting in 2009 was interviewed about their memories of coming to Meeting; events that had made a particular impression on them. Now the highlights of these interviews are available in a book giving a picture of the life of Watford Meeting – the buildings, our spiritual life, social activities, the mundane and the inspiring – since 1950 and the move from the tin hut meeting house.

This is an unconventional history book, an oral history bringing to life the experiences and recollections of a contemporary community of Quakers in one local meeting in the spoken words of its own members (plus a short documentary history). As such it is truly inclusive with contributors of all ages, those new to Quakers and those who were born into Quaker families. Their perspectives are expressed in a conversational style and convey a real sense of the day to day, the practicalities and the social life of the meeting as well as the things that are eternal.

We hope our book will appeal not only to those with a connection to Watford Quakers or a local history interest; but to anyone anywhere who wants to know something of what it is like to attend and belong to a Quaker Meeting in Britain.

(126 pages including monochrome photographs)

To order your copy email history@watfordquakers.org.uk.
Or, send a cheque for £10 to The Clerk, Watford Quaker Meeting House, 150 Church Road, Watford WD17 4QB