Watford Quaker Children’s Meeting

Information for families with children

Rejoice in the presence of children and young people in your meeting and recognise the gifts they bring….

Children’s Meetings are held at the Meeting House on the first and third Sundays of the month, and an online Teenage Meeting every first Sunday from 10.30 – 11.30am.

The children join the adults for the first fifteen minutes of meeting for worship, then have separate activities in the children’s room for the rest of the hour.  We cater for children of all ages from under 5’s to teenagers.  The children’s meeting is organised by a committee, with support from a group of adult volunteers from the wider meeting.

Theme – there is a termly theme on a subject linked to Quaker beliefs and values.  We aim to support our young people on their spiritual journeys through discussion, questioning and exploration.  Recent themes have included ‘Quaker journeys in the past and present’, ‘Exploring other Faiths’ and the ‘Quaker testimonies’.  Adult volunteers are encouraged to make activities engaging and interactive.  They may draw inspiration from and use Quaker writings, bible stories and other sources of material.

Adult volunteers – there are always a minimum of two adults leading the children’s meeting, though parents are welcome to stay as long as their children need them.  All adult volunteers have up to date DBS checks.  They are responsible for supervising children during meeting for worship. Parents resume responsibility after meeting has finished.

Teenage group – is held once a month on the first Sunday of each calendar month for children who are thirteen and older.  Younger children are catered for in a separate group on this Sunday.

Visits – we aim to take the children on a visit to a place of interest once a term, linked to the theme of children’s meeting.

All age worship – is held at least once a term.  This is an opportunity for children, young people and adults to worship together in a semi-programmed meeting for worship.   Recent topics have included ‘Sharing Harvest’, and ‘Listening and Cooperation’.

Social events – children’s committee organises social events such as BBQs in our garden and outings to the theatre for children and parents.  This helps our young people and parentsto get to know each other better and provides opportunities to have fun together.

Other Quaker events and groups for children, young people and families

Luton and Leighton area meeting – our local meeting is part of Luton and Leighton area meeting, which consists of nine Quaker meetings from the wider geographical area.

Luton and Leighton area meeting all age workshops – are held once a year to explore a Quaker theme.

Luton and Leighton area meeting camp – is held every summer for ten days.  This is an opportunity to live simply by camping together on a field, in a mixed age Quaker community.  It is particularly popular with families with children and young people.  For more information, see llquakers.org.uk/quakercamps

Luton and Leighton area meeting link group – is a Quaker youth group for young people between the ages of 11 and 18, organised by a committee of volunteers.  All adult leaders have DBS checks.  Link group is a weekend residential event held in local Quaker meeting houses, for one weekend a term.  Events and activities are planned around a theme.  In the autumn term, the group has a longer trip for four days to a place of interest in another part of the country.  Please ask for more information.

National Quaker residential events are organised for children and young people to learn about Quakerism and provide opportunities for them to develop their spiritual lives.