Learn More

We can offer lots of ways to learn more about Quakers, it all depends what suits you.

If you want to learn online try:

  • viewing our video clips;
  • following links elsewhere on the web; our Links page has suggestions for newcomers and others.
  • or if you would like to spend some time learning about the early history of the Quakers, you could try this online course.
  • get Quaker inspiration to your inbox. Keep informed with Quaker insights, news and event information delivered to your inbox.

If you prefer something on paper:

  • lots of leaflets are available for free from our Meeting House (and others),
  • information packs are available free from Friends House, fill in this form;
  • lots of books are available from the * Quaker bookshop. You might like to try:
    • Listening to the Light by Jim Pym. This introduction to Quaker ways suggests how you can use Quaker practices in your daily life. While it invites you to try going to a Quaker meeting it does not assume that you will do so.
    • *Quaker Faith and Practice: a big book that may look daunting, but is really good for browsing in. Most of the content is extracts from the writings of Quakers, some historic, many quite up to date. It covers all aspects of Quaker life. If you want something a lot shorter, the first chapter is printed as Advices and Queries, available free. This is the Quaker book that I always keep handy and refer to frequently. An online copy is available.

If you prefer to hear someone speak in person:

Try attending a Quaker Quest session. Visit www.quakerquest.org on Zoom.

Come to Meeting: just turn up at Watford Meeting House at 10.30 am any Sunday. We sit together in an expectant, waiting silence, which is interrupted, but not broken, by those who feel called to vocal ministry. After about an hour, the meeting is ended by two experienced members shaking hands. It is then usual for worshippers to greet one another and for the Clerk to make some announcements. We follow this with refreshments and an opportunity to chat, for those who want to. Everyone is welcome, and you are free to leave whenever you wish.

Attend an Enquirers weekend. These are for those who know little or nothing about Quakers but who want to know more. They are held at Charney Manor in Oxfordshire and at Swarthmore Hall in Cumbria several times a year.

Learning even more:

We recognise that there is always more to learn, for everyone, so we provide a range of opportunities, for those who want to join in, to study together and share their experiences. In Watford these currently include a Bible study group, a writing group and a Spiritual Journeys group. Other opportunities will be posted on our events page from time to time.

Beyond Watford there are many other opportunities, especially at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre.