Sacred Space at Celebration

A space set aside for people to share something of their faith with others.
A time set aside to listen deeply to what others are telling us.
Amid the noise and activity of celebrating Watford’s cultures and talents,
a quieter place to share our deeper convictions, to meet on another level.
Many people come for their ‘slot’, do their ‘piece’ and move on,
we are glad to hear their contribution, share a taste of their faith and their lives.
Some people come in to learn about a specific faith group,
we hope they hear what they need to hear, the essential essence.
A few come into the space and stay, listen to one contribution after another.
The variety is fascinating. The depth that can be achieved in fifteen minutes, amazing.
From the first small event in West Watford in 2005, I was totally ‘hooked’ by the Sacred Space. I wanted to hear everyone, to just be there and truly listen.
It makes a long day, but I have been blessed by hearing nearly every item, every year.
And I’ll be back for more this year, there are great riches to be discovered here.
Will you join me? Those who listen contribute as much as those who speak, so come along in whatever capacity and see what you find.

Stephanie Grant

Come join us at Celebration on the 25th. See for details.

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