The Disillusioned Cynic

This is it. Modern Life, it’s brilliant.
Long healthy lives; so many prospects;
I feel so content. OK, someone every second
Dies of stavation or disease.
But I’ve got Sky Plus.
Besides, they’re not my problem –
They’re miles away – I’m not selfish –
I suffer from Compassion fatigue.
It’s not my fault there’s so much suffering.
Why can’t rich people give money?
Why are they bombarding me with those
Emotive adverts?
Damn you, Oxfam, you’ve found my conscience
(I thought I’d lost it). I’m not being sarcastic –
There was me complaining that it was raining yesterday.
In some parts of the world it doesn’t rain all year.
Nice climate? Not really. I’m not religious.
How can they say God loves everyone the same?
“Yeah, one minute, Mum.”
Looking out the window…wish I could be that sparrow
So free
Maybe not, it’s got bird flu!

Owen Everett

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