Exciting times for Watford Quakers

I’m just off to Woodbrooke for a course on Quaker Quest, which we are doing at Watford as part of our outreach. We have formed an official outreach committee, and are instituting a mid-week meeting (which, as it sat in a circle rather than a square, felt really inspirational to me – or perhaps it was because there was a particularly good astrological juxtaposition of planets at the time.) A new person had looked at our website and seen it was on, and came. We are also doing an informal history of the meeting, based on interviews with the members, having a Woodbrooke-on-the-Road and the Quest. So I am feeling excited about being a Quaker. Somebody said to Sally, hearing our numbers, ‘You do punch above your weight, don’t you?’ YES WE CAN!

Lindsey March

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