Yearly Meeting Gathering 2009

A post ‘live’ from YMG, straight from the exhibition centre. Just to put down a few of my reflections so far, both serious and some not so.

Home groups

Co-facilitating a home group isn’t as scary as it sounds! First session went excellently, and I’m even able to still remember a few names, quite good for me. What worried me most was my co-facilitators identity, not because I didn’t know them, but due to knowing them very well.


The opening worship was really good, though to start with it seemed so slow to settle I wondered if it ever would.

Options sessions

Well, I didn’t have to dive into the scrum yesterday for tickets as I’d managed to have my whole afternoon booked to provide technical support. As it happened, I really enjoyed the workshop/talk I was in, ‘Create your own Skyspace’ which I knew a little about, but really hadn’t appealed to me from the initial listings. I though, I know all that, I don’t need to hear a talk, I’ve seen the DVD. However I learnt so much about the feeling of the Skyspace and so much background, such as there being more than one, actually about 40 exist. I also had an interesting discussion of what makes a space ‘Quaker’. If it had been called ‘Quaker buildings and spaces’ or even ‘Quaker Spaces’ I would have been the first to sign up.


Hopefully (technical issues aside) I should be watching ‘Age of Stupid’, the showings of which I have been repeatedly prevented from attending. Sadly there seems to be no wireless in the room, so can’t actually post this from here.

Most importantly things last: Food and Sleep

Food seems to be OK, being half-board I only get huge breakfasts and suppers. It is clear to see friends eating habits. The moussaka was emtpying fast, but the chicken with corn-fritters and the shepherd pie was almost untouched.

Sleep is varied, I have a lumpy mattress which is rather more springy than I normally have, so had a bad night, especially with the security lights at night, and thin curtains letting the light in really quite early.

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3 Responses to Yearly Meeting Gathering 2009

  1. Rhiannon says:

    Dear *****,

    The Dotty Family Committee (Dots and Commas for family members) disapproves strongly of your posting, and suggests the following alterations:

    excellent to excellently

    every to ever

    Hanging ‘of’ to be moved earlier in the sentence (e.g. ‘the showings of which I have been repeatedly prevented from attending’).

    Yours in Friendship,

    P.S. A jury of your peers finds you guilty of blogging and sentences you to spend the rest of your life replying to comments.

  2. admin says:

    Dotted and Commaed as charged. Also probably guilty of blogging and if that means lots of comments, then so be it. Better than continuous posting with no comments!

  3. Kate says:

    Excellent. Thanks so much for the post. -Kate

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