A Return Ticket

We went by train, by steam train, glorying in the vintage carriages, the smoke and smuts.

You went by car, with Mary and the dog, Montmorency.

We took time to visit the museum and the engine sheds, to see the tunnel and the floral displays.

You stopped to browse in the craft shop.

Our steam engine broke down and we finished the journey behind a deisel loco.

We all met up in Whitby, found the restaurant and lunched on Whitby kippers.

I gave you my return ticket. Richard gave his to Mary.

We all explored Whitby. Some climbed to the abbey ruins. Jim and I took a boat trip.

Then the return journey.

Richard drove me and Montmorency (who was so quiet we stopped to check he really was in the back of the car)home over the high moors, pointing out the old Meeting Houses on the way. Broad, open, empty spaces. Quiet, calm. We got in and I cooked the evening meal, while Richard tended the fire and tidied up.

You were much delayed.

I had time to garnish the Whitby crab and lay the table.

You had fires on the railway, and had lost your handbag. When you reached us you were desperately trying to phone the restaurant to locate your bag – but they were shut.

Eventually, we all sat down together for our meal. Time to talk through the day’s adventures, hear about the fire blackened faces of the fire-fighters, and how the steam engine had to be replaced by a diesel that was less likely to cause fires.

Epilogue, and more chat into the night.

It’s good to be together.

Stephanie Grant for Writing Group 17/11/10

About a day of our Equipping for Ministry reunion at Barmoor May 2010 and a trip on the North York Moors Railway.

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