Ingleton Falls

Climbing and chatting in the sun, shining, fresh morning air, carrying us along. The river running over the stones. The valley, bright, paint box green, meeting blue sky and touching at the horizon.

Then here it is, a large deep pool into which the sparkling water flows, and flows down a tall escarpment, charging over it.

Swiftly, diamond dressed, the river speeds, slipping and sliding down this rocky incline. To be swallowed by the deep dark pool.

Playfully, people are waving and calling excitedly, climbing up on the red rocks. Behind the
waterfall, carefully, step by step, courageous they climb behind the glistening wet curtain! Emerging to be greeted proudly by loved ones.

How daring their crossing. How steady they were on those daunting rocks. And, what a prize, to have walked behind that lovely waterfall.

J Knight

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