Sustainable Friends – News column Aug 2020

What’s already happening and introducing our Green Team – Climate Justice Group for Watford Quakers by Irena Pearse

Back in April, Livvy Hanks from Quakers in Britain lead a zoom shared lunch introducing and explaining ‘Climate Justice’.  It has stimulated a desire to focus back on encouraging green habits and being involved in ways to advocate a fairer future, recognising that Climate Change will impact the most vulnerable first and to a greater extent.  John Quill set up a follow up shared lunch and we discussed actions.  One of these is to begin a Green News Column in this Newsletter – voila!

Last week my attention was drawn to the phrase ‘Build Back Better’.  It came up in an interview with a leading UN spokesperson.  She was questioning it:  ‘I don’t like this slogan’, she says.  We shouldn’t be going back, we should say ‘Let’s Build Forwards Better’.  She explained that in rebuilding the economy, we should be using new models, making the change that is needed to reduce the impact on the environment.

But I do want to look back first, to celebrate the past actions which have been sustainable.

I wanted to share some of the wonderful things I’ve discovered Watford Meeting House is already doing.

Installation of solar panels in 2011
Installation of solar panels 2011

During and after this shared lunch on Climate Justice, I have learned that there had been a former Dream Green Team at Watford Quakers who have done so much already.  Solar panels fitted? Tick.  Eco products for cleaning and laundry?  Tick.  Plus, recycled loo roll. Power saving light bulbs fitted.  Bike parking facilities. A donation of a russet apple tree to the garden.  Encouraging shared lunches to be only local produce.  Tick, tick, tick.  I’m sure there are many more things that are in place and that we take for granted but were changed all that time ago.  I also discovered with my role administrating cheques for QVA (Quaker’s Voluntary Action) that Quakers use Triodos bank, which is linked to the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner and is an ethical bank.  I’m thinking to switch myself.

So, we have a lot to feel proud about.

And, with this looking back, I am so much more aware there is a legacy that needs to be acted on and continued. Actions can lead to long lasting change.  It’s our turn to build forwards.

Please support this newly formed group to focus on encouraging green habits and advocate a fairer future.  We aim to include ideas and information on green issues in this column and invite you to be part of the group or send ideas that we can share here.

Get in touch with if you would like to take part in meetings and discussions for Climate Justice actions in Watford and the surrounds.

Quaker banner
“The Climate Emergency in Dacorum – How You Can Speak Truth to Power”. Actions that other local Quakers are doing.  a list of ethical money matters.

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