The Sound of Silence

How does it sound when removed from the dulcet tones of Art Garfunkel? It’s a fleeting experience as the sound we mostly hear is noise. Our friend Art had a rather enchanting way of reminding us of that special scary quietness that makes its presence felt for us sometimes.

Like standing looking up at the stars shimmer on the blue-black velvet night sky, and sound is hushed, and stillness settles, slowly surrounding us.

When I saw the last eclipse of the sun, as the moon passed between earth and sun, we experienced an eerie silence. It made me aware of the birds who became very quiet as the sky darkened. The moon cloaked the sun and silently as it passed by, and the sun went on its way past the moon, and all happened in silence. It was a quiet, majestic experience.

The silence that is God leaves us at times frustrated. But could our mentality cope with such communication. When Moses spoke with God in the mountains and received the ten commandments, the Jews were so terrified of the sound of His voice they pleaded with Moses to beg God not to speak to them. How might we feel at such a time?

Silence can be golden, but by communicating we can develop our relationships. That is an avenue down which we can show love and share support for one another.

JK 21/7/10

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