The Meeting

Here I am again, sitting with others around this ancient table.
There are a few shuffles and coughs, then quietness descends.
Some lose themselves in the beauty of the flowers on the table,
others have their eyes tightly shut.
One person gets up and takes a Bible or book to read.
Concentration resumes.

My imagination escapes,
The sunlight dancing with the shadows on the floor
become the joys and sorrows weaving through life’s journey.
The breeze rustling the trees outside the window
changes into the spirit of God wafting gently amongst us.
The sound of the children playing happily in the next room
turns into the songs of angels.

Look at the expressions on people’s faces,
serenity, expectation, pain.
I try to envelop them in peace and love from across the room.

I wait and pray, trying to empty my mind,
leaving room for God to speak.
The quietness changes into a thick, tangible silence.

Someone feels inspired to stand and speak.
They briefly pierce the stillness with their words.
I absorb their thoughts and mingle them with my own.
The loud silence wraps itself around me again.

The Elders are shaking hands.
The meeting is over.
How could an hour slip by so quickly?

CJP 2007

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