Things I love doing

Waking up – to find it didn’t happen
Waking up – to find it really did!

Seeing the celandine, that little sun,
First to adorn the roadside in the Spring;

The greening of the hedgerows after rain;
The gradual blueing of the April woods;

Picking blackberries with purple hands,
And squirrelling them away for wintry days;

Wrapping the new-picked apples in their trays,
While reading irresistible stale news;

Playing silly games and singing songs;
Losing myself in stories, sharing poems –
And finding Rumi addicts on the way;

Following coincidences where they lead;
Daydreaming; letting be, just letting be…

Jenny Senior, December 2008

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  1. Chris says:

    Looks good to me

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